Technical & Refit Project Experience

  • Exterior refit
  • Interior refit
  • Reverse engeeneering
  • 3D drawings for nesting
  • Scantling
  • 3D files for plug & mold
  • Construction Supervision
  • Hull and superstructure body plan
  • Lenghtening
  • Safety plans
  • Navigation light plans
  • Layout for technical spaces
  • Constructional drawings of systems/piping
  • Engine room ventilation/exhaust duct systems
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Stabilizer systems
  • Construction details of mechanical systems
  • Wheelhouse and electronics

See examples below.

      Exterior Refit

      Interior Refit

      Hull Body Plan

      Construction Supervision

      Wheelhouse & Navigation Electronics

      Roll Stabilizers

      Hull Lengthening

      3D Modeling for Nesting

      Constructional Drawings/Scantling

      Exhaust Systems

      Mechanical Equipments



      Mechanical Systems