Yacht Design Concepts

72m Custom Yacht Design Concept

This concept was designed in 2009 for Studio Ing. Sole in collaboration with Naval Architect, Giuseppe Sole and interior decorator, Lisa Vassalle.

Born from just a few clean lines sketched by hand, this 72m concept was conceptualized to have minimal super structure in order to maintain its linear form and to favor unhindered views and open spaces. The mainly rectangular shape of the volumes simplifies and enhances the interior design, simulating the openness and comfort of a spacious villa. One unique feature is the owner's deck including an office, private external deck with jacuzzi and dining area. A total of four balconies open up along the hull: two glass windows that fold out from the guest cabins, and two that extend the volume of the spa, allowing direct access to the water. Special attention was given to the external spaces - from the bow, recalling a panoramic bastion, to the stern, which recreates the beach. This project encompasses everything a yacht should be: comfortable, liveable and seamless from the interior o the exterior, from the decks to everything beyond.

56m Custom Yacht Design Concept

This 56m concept was designed in 2009 for Studio Ing. Sole in collaboration with Naval Architect Giuseppe Sole and Architect Ilaria Chirico.

This model features a more typical, rounder shape, while maintaining the sense of openness and the clean linearity of its 'big sister,' the 72m yacht concept. Surface areas are seamless and relatively uninterrupted. On each deck, the transition of the exterior surface - from the bow to the sides of the boat - resembles water as the craft cuts through it and creates the feeling of motion as light reflects off the curved surface. A uniquely large, slanted transom creates ample interior living space when closed and a spacious beach club when opened. The concept of usable open, exterior space motivated design features aimed at freeing the decks from equipment and tenders. Creating storage space for these necessary, but cumbersome items helps protect them from the elements, liberates precious deck space and maintains the clean exterior aesthetic.   

43m Custom Yacht Design Concept

This 43m concept was designed in 2009 for Studio Ing. Sole in collaboration with Naval Architect Giuseppe Sole and Architect Ilaria Chirico.

The model, of comparatively modest dimensions, has smooth lines that curve around her body so as to create a more distinct look. A study of the volumes brought about the solution of a full-beam main deck and an upper deck divided into two levels. This serves to maximize the amount of usable space while maintaining its characteristic low profile. The owner's cabin is in the traditional location at the bow, but benefits from a unique luminosity provided by a strip of windows at ceiling height and eight large portholes lower on the hull. The mast is located further back on the sun deck so as to avoid interference with the usable surface space onboard and grant nearly 360° panoramic views from the jacuzzi.

38m Custom Refit/Repurpose Design Concept

This refit concept, which aimed to turn a traditional shallow-water tug boat built in 1982 into a pleasure boat, was part of a study compiled at the request of a client. Research has showed this type of vessel to be particularly adept for use as a yacht because of its shallow draft. The wide body and muscular shape help to give this "explorer" craft its strength and, at the same time, grant the ample space necessary for all of the toys which have come to be expected with a luxury cruising experience. One benefit of this type of refitting, or rather repurposing, is the economic savings related to the use of an existing hull. Additionally, this project has environmental benefits resulting from the reuse of an existing structure, as opposed to the costly and harmful process of disposal.

Tender Design Concept

The latest trend in yacht design is to couple the main vessel with a customized tender, mating its form and style. This tender concept was designed with the goal of minimizing the space necessary for storage on the main yacht - the 72m concept shown above - while maximizing the space available for transporting people and goods from shore to yacht and back.